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Coin based Technology Cryptonote.

Soldi guarantees users an anonymous payment scheme thanks to untraceable outgoing transactions.
Thanks to the “POW” protocol, it uses instructions for the CPU, which are very hard and expensive to implement in special devices, but perfectly suited for ordinary PCs.
Transactions very fast and with much lower rates compared to other cryptomonete.

Soldi is a private and decentralized crypto

Ideal solution for those who want to maintain their financial privacy. Instant private transactions are provided by the worldwide network of Soldi, totally untraceable.

Soldi is an excellent investment, thanks to its slow emission ensures a long life and stability

You can participate in the operation of the network by allocating the computing power of your computer. Because of this mechanism, transaction processing is decentralized, which allows a person to be not only a user, but also a participant.
The reliability of Soldi is defined by the total computational power of all the computers involved in the processing of transactions. The greater the processing power, the more reliable the network is. Thus all the money stored in the wallet is already protected during the transaction process.
All transactions between Soldi users are carried out on the Internet which makes transactions much more reliable. Transaction privacy is protected by secure cryptographic algorithms in which no one can identify who sent the money, who is the recipient and what amount of money has been transferred.
Algorithm: POW, CryptoNight.
Coins available: 10 million SDI.
Time objective per block: 4 minutes.
Difficulty: vary each block.
Transaction fee: 0.1 SDI.

Download Wallet

Download the wallet for your operating system immediately and start undermining. By downloading and installing the wallet you accept the terms and conditions.
Windows 32-bit
Windows 64-bit
How do I produce Soldi

Mining Pool

Just connect to one of the following Pools and follow the instructions to start undermining with the CPU of your PC or GPU of your video card.
Pool list

Blockchain Exlorer

Check the status of the Money network, how many coins have been issued, the power of the pools and much more.


What awaits us for the future of Soldi

Realizations for the various operating systems in Italian language

New pools to undermine

 Exchange sites

Construction site for exchange used with money transactions

Terms and condictions

The website provides information and material of a general nature.

Risks related to the use of cryptomoney Soldi
Investing in Soldi can lead to losses of money in the short or long term. Soldi investors should expect prices to have far-reaching fluctuations. The information published on the website can not guarantee that investors in Soldi will not lose money. The website will not be liable for any loss, damage or claims arising from events that fall within the following categories: – Errors made by the user of any software or service related to Soldi, such as forgotten passwords, payments sent to incorrect Money addresses and accidental deletion of portfolios. – Software problems of the website and / or any software or service related to Money, such as damaged wallet files, incorrectly created transactions, unsafe cryptographic libraries, malware affecting the website and / or any software or service related to Soldi. – Technical failures in the user’s hardware of any software or service related to Soldi, such as loss of data due to a faulty or damaged storage device. – Security issues encountered by the user with any software or service related to Money, such as unauthorized access to portfolios and / or user accounts. – Third party actions and / or events experienced by third parties, e.g. Failure of service providers, attacks on the security of information on service providers and frauds conducted by third parties. – In no case will the owners or contributors to the website be held liable for any damages of any kind, including but not limited to loss of use, loss of profits or loss of data deriving from or in any way connected to the use of the website. – The website is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind relating to the website and / or the contents, data, materials and / or services provided on the website.